Brief History

In 1999, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia with the support of World Bank and the government of the Kingdom of Holland, as a part of the Bureau for Development of Education,established a new  research  and development unit, called Assessment Unit.
The aims of the unit were:

  • to work on the efficiency and quality of assessment in education;
  • to assisst the Ministry of Education and Science in setting and raising standards of students’ achievements  through developing a system for quality assurance in primary and secondary education.

In 2005, the Assessment Unit became the Exam Sector. Two years later, in 2007, the Exam Sector was renamed into Sector for assessin g students’ achievements. The working activities of its employees  include the following kinds of exams:

  • Matura and Final exams in the secondary schools in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • National assessment in primary education;
  • School assessment;
  • International assessments.

In 2008, Law for the National Examinations Centre (hereinafter the Centre) was designed, and a year later,the Centre was established.Since then it operates as an independent institution. The Centre is managed by a Director and governed by a Steering Board.